Connolly's Do It Best
Mike Connolly, owner
"It frees up one full day of my time every two weeks.  It takes the  headache out of maintaining all the files. It's a tremendous timesaver  and headache saver because I don't have to worry about all the  government regulations and keeping track of deductions."

El Azteca
Mike Ray, owner
"They were able to take our tax reporting and keep track of that, so we  don't have to worry about it.  They are very helpful anytime you have a  problem and easy to deal with." 

Annie Oakley Enterprises
Chuck Gabet, company secretary & treasurer
"My financial advisor suggested using Premier Payroll, and I have been  happy with their services ever since.  I can fax them our employee  payroll on a Friday night and have it back by Tuesday.  They can also do  it in one day if I'm late.  They have a courier service that brings it  right to us."